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North Devon based Hypnotherapist, helping those in Barnstaple, Bideford and surrounding areas.  As well as using hypnotherapy in coping with anxiety, I also help clients coping with  phobias, OCD, and IBS.  I also work with athletes and sports people to motivate them to achieve their goals.

Martin Hewlett Clinical Hypnotherapist
Martin Hewlett Hypnotherapy coping with anxeity
hypnotherapy coping with anxiety and winning
Deadlifting 205 kilograms at the British Championships

A proven track record

Using Hypnosis over my sporting career in 2 separate sports, I have fine tuned my hypnotherapy techniques for sports. After achieving Gold in the 2018 World Power Lifting Championships and a World Record the year before I have  proven to myself that this therapy works.

Hypnotherapy Coping with Anxiety

In todays world we are seeing more anxiety related health problems. There are increasing stresses on family life and people are becoming reluctant to turn to medication as the miracle cure.  With a careful and empathic approach, using hypnotherapy can show our clients how to live a more “mindfull” life.  Letting go of the burdens of the past. As your hypnotherapist I am passionate in making your road to a happier life my driving goal.

Martin Specialises in:

As well as a keen focus on helping clients achieve their personal goals I also specialise in the following.

  • Hypnotherapy coping with anxiety – No one enjoys that sinking feeling in their stomachs, or worse still when it develops into a panic attack. With help though guided hypnotherapy you can learn to control these feelings and set your self free once more. To enjoy life with out the old worries that held you back.
  • Agrophobia – There is a truly beaitiful world out there for you to enjoy. With my help we will start that journey together and set your self free from the confines of your home.
  • IBS – In one of the simplest techniques known and also highlighted in NHS NICE guidelines as one of the best techniques for over coming IBS. I use a focused session to release you from this issue.
  • OCD – Giving you back peace of mind and no longer worrying about those triggers
  • Phobias – From the smallest of creepy crawlies to flying on big planes.  Let’s banish them together.
  • Weigh Loss – Helping you focus on whats important to you, be it staying on track with your nutrition ( I don’t use the word ‘diet’) to remaining happy with who you are.
  • Social Anxiety – Public speaking, interview and exams, I can lend a helping hand.
  • Smoking Cessation – Fancy making an extra £1500 a year?  Then let me help you become a non-smoker.

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Our latest news

We have recently launched a new series of Podcasts which cater for numerous issues.

These can be found on iTunes, Spotify and various Android Apps such as Spreaker. We are continually adding to our catalogue using guided self hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy for coping with anxiety, tips on how to control panic attacks and sessions on helping you get to sleep.

We offer personalised audio sessions for individual clients on demand for a set fee.

If you would like to find out more then either email my team at hypnotherapy@martinhewlett.co.uk

or call on +44 (07824 440282

“What is Hypnosis?”

Learn to pronounce
  1. the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour

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