Why do we use Mantras? What are Mantras?

I Can And I Will

Simply put, they are a very easy way to reinforce a new, positive thought or habit in the subconcious. In hypnosis we use these in a very effective way, in meditation its exactly the same principal.
Throughout most of the Calming Anxiety podcasts you will get to hear a variety of Mantras, designed to bring around lasting positive change.

Daily Mantra I Will

What if you woke up one morning and just thought “Enough” and wanted to change your life in a postive, permanent way.
Years ago I saved a young persons life on several occasions from heroin overdosing and alcohol abuse.
Some years past and one day I was on a regular job when I bumped into this person, I recognised them and they recongnised me as well. They were fit, healthy and working in care now. I was amazed, I had never expected them to change. I asked how they had managed to quit. Their answer changed my life. The simpy said “One day I woke up and said ‘enough’.
I will take that statement to the grave, in that one sentance I had seen that you can make the most amazing changes with a change of perspective and a desire for change. To accept responsibility for where you are now and where you want to be.

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