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Hello, I am Martin Hewlett, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, serving paramedic and 7th Degree Master in TaeKwonDo. I started the Calming Anxiety Podcast show in November 2019 as a way of giving on going care to my therapy clients in the North Devon area in England. 

Very soon it became clear that so many people were in need of help with anxiety and their own personal struggles in life.  I was saddened to see the growth of the downloads and the demographics showing so many young people crying out for help.

With this realisation I committed myself to producing daily shows every Monday to Friday, always listening to what you, the audience was needing. 
If you would like to request a particular session, simply email me at 


Our Podcast Show has now been downloaded over 1 million times in less than a year!!  

It is a blend of meditation and self hypnosis. They are all written to help you overcome a wide range of issues, from panic attacks to insomnia, confidence building to loneliness.  

Find out how you can ease stress and tension by listening now.  Choose your favourite app here, just click on the button and enjoy. They are best listened to if you can find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. It may help enhance your experience if you can wear comfy headphones. 

If you find yourself struggling with feelings of anxiety, panic or depression, a gentle guided meditation may be all you need to reset your day. 
You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

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For over 200 of our top guided meditation sessions plus longer bonus content to help you relax and sleep, why not come and join our group? 

Monthly question and answers from me (Martin) plus requests for specific tracks. 

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The Book

Calming Anxiety  – A New Way of Thinking. Our latest offering from Martin Hewlett. A beautiful guide to learning meditation and self hypnosis. With 5 carefully constructed audio seesions to show you how to completely relax. Download now and set your mind free. 

You can download the book here now, for free!  Learning to meditate and let go of stress has never been easier. 

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

Download now and learn to let go

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    The Banish Anxiety course 

    Helping you in your home, when ever you need to take back control of anxiety. To help those that can not visit my clinic I have produced this beautiful course. It is simple to follow, all you need do is listen to the carefully structured audio sessions and learn to enjoy your life again. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

    To find out more simply click on the Banish Anxiety Tab on the menu at the top of the page. 

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for the Banish Anxiety Course
    I have listened to the sessions few times each and would like to thank you for your fantastic work.

    After the death of my father in January and the start of the coronavirus here in UK I began suffering with severe anxiety as I haven’t experienced anything like that before . Due to this I was unable to eat, breathe properly and continue with my normal daily activities to the extent that I had to seek medical help.

    One of the paramedics suggested listening to relaxation and mindfulness apps. From all the apps and podcasts I came across I can honestly say your sessions I found the most helpful and comforting.

    The course is definitely effective, I can honestly say I’m now slowly returning back to normal.
    The techniques and background music used, helped into resetting my thoughts and seeing the bright , hopeful , positive side.
    I am not sure if this was expected, after listening to some of the sessions (5,6,7 and 8) I would fall asleep for couple of hours providing I was listening in the mornings after waking up.
    Than I would wake up and continue with the day feeling fresh, positive and energised.

    I enjoyed the course introduction, with evaluating our level on the distress scale and the main core values
    I would recommend the course to many people because it helped and I am the example.

    Thank you for you kindness and I will keep on listening to the daily podcasts.

    If you have enjoyed my podcasts then please check out Shelley F Knight’s podcast series. Positive Changes – A Self Kick Podcast.  In this show we chat about positivety and over coming personal issues. 

    In this Podcast I get to chat with Lori Hammond. Lori is a hypnotherapist in the US and empowers people to overcome personal adversity.

    We had a genuinely lovely chat, like to good friends getting together. Listen to it on her website. 

    Podcast Reviews

    “Wow, so let me tell you, your podcast has made a difference in the quality of my life as well as my colleagues.   I suffer from Lupus and Pulmonary Fibrosis,  two very dangerous chronic illnesses.  At this time when we are all feeling very vulnerable and afraid it is so nice to have a refuge.   When the news gets to be too much I turn off the television and put my headphones on and chill. You are a bright spot in a very turbulent world.   Thank you so much for all you do!”

    “A meditation favorite
    I have been practicing meditation off and on for the past several years. I have tried dozens of guided meditation programs. So many guides seem to think they need to add a lot of reverb or other effects to their voice so it sounds like they’re speaking to you from the “ great beyond”. Or they force a whisper or over-dramatize long pauses. I find all of that to be very distracting. This guide is different! I find Martin’s tone of voice, delivery and cadence to be very reassuring and agreeable. Also, the topics chosen to focus on have been very helpful. His guidance keeps my meditation on course, while allowing me to focus on myself rather than him. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!”

    “Making you feel CAAAALLLLMMMMMM……
    Most podcast will talk to you about ‘HOW’ to feel calm, and how to get rid of anxiety, but this podcast will just immese you into it where do you need to figure out the how and just BE. Wonderful job Martin!!”

    hypnotherapy devon anxiety weight loss smoking martin hewlett
    Martin Hewlett calming anxiety hypnotherapy devon

    “So- I’m awake til 2:30am, as I have been a lot recently, worrying about working at the hospital, worrying about kids, constantly feeling the anxiety I get on a plane but I can’t get off the bloody plane! Tried headspace ….. usually works ok but last night nothing, shear panic…. then I remembered you!!! Your podcasts!!! So, I found the ‘coping with panic and fear’ and plugged in. Martin you’re amazing, it worked!! I then listened to it 2 more times after falling asleep in the middle 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 anyway, just wanted to give you feedback, I’m so impressed, thank you. Such a sense of relief that something actually helped me!! I shall be subscribing 🥰”

    “Thank you so much for your gift of podcasts (I listen on Spotify). I found these at a dark point in my life a few months ago, and they have truly been a lifesaver. I wish you all the best, protection, and health during these times.”

    “Hello Martin. Sorry for the random message but I just experienced one of your anxiety hypnosis tracks on Spotify and it was truly helpful. I just wanted to thank you for this! keep up the good work!”

    How can meditation help with your day to day life?

    Most people have heard about meditation yet so many don’t really know what it means or how to practice it.  Then, they wonder what the benefits could be? 

    We also make so many excuses of not having enough time! I think if we were to be truly honest with ourselves we would realise we have far more free time than we admit to. Also, you do not need much more than 5 to 10 minutes a day to accomplish this very simple task.

    There is nothing strange or exotic and mystical about meditation. Its the simplest of techniques and once the basics have been learnt then the rest easily falls into place. You can eaasily pick up all the techniques you need from the podcasts above or if you want to dive a little deeper then why not read through my book, Calming Anxiety – A New Way of Thinking. (its on the resource page) .

    hypnotherapy devon anxiety weight loss smoking martin hewlett
    hypnotherapy devon anxiety weight loss smoking martin hewlett

    Why is Stress so destructive?

    Stress takes a terrible toll on us both mentally and physically. A brief list of the negative impact of stress includes some of following:

    • Panic attacks

    • Breathing problems

    • Irritability

    • IBS

    • Loss of libido

    • Depression

    • Extreme fatigue

    • Raised blood pressure

    All of this could be avoided by a more mindful approach to the way you think and see the world around you. Taking back control over your thoughts and reactions can set you free from anxiety, anger and negative reactions. Either in my clinic , Zoom session or online course I teach my clients the benefit of letting go of stress and embracing a calmer way of living. There is nothing “new age” or exotic about these techniques, they are simple and effective. All you have to do is take 5 minutes out each day, maybe just as you wake up or just before you go to sleep. It’s the easiest and most effective way of calming your anxiety.

    Why do we use Mantras? What are Mantras? 

    Simply put, they are a very easy way to reinforce a new, positive thought or habit in the subconcious. In hypnosis we use these in a very effective way, in meditation its exactly the same principal.

    Throughout most of the Calming Anxiety podcasts you will get to hear a variety of Mantras, designed to bring around lasting positive change. 

    hypnotherapy devon anxiety weight loss smoking martin hewlett
    hypnotherapy devon anxiety weight loss smoking martin hewlett

    What if you woke up one morning and just thought “Enough” and wanted to change your life in a postive, permanent way.

    Years ago I saved a young persons life on several occasions from heroin overdosing and alcohol abuse. 

    Some years past and one day I was on a regular job when I bumped into this person, I recognised them and they recongnised me as well. They were fit, healthy and working in care now.  I was amazed, I had never expected them to change. I asked how they had managed to quit.  Their answer changed my life. The simpy said “One day I woke up and said ‘enough’.

    I will take that statement to the grave, in that one sentance I had seen that you can make the most amazing changes with a change of perspective and a desire for change. To accept responsibility for where you are now and where you want to be. 

    Recently I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Devon Live about the work I have taken on during the pandemic. As a paramedic that has had to isolate I needed to work on helping others even more.

    This is a brief insight in to how I managed to branch out and serve others. DEVON LIVE