The price of change 

What would you pay to be the person you always wanted to be?  What is the price of a happier, more well balanced lifestyle?

And, if you are a smoker, what would you do with an extra £1500 a year??  

Just imagine if you could change your life now, positively and permanently? What price would you be willing to pay for that?

If you knew now that in a short space of time you would be more content, sleep easier, be more confident would you not want to live that life?

We cater for our clients needs, some only needing a single session though normally up to 3 usually suffice with on going support for certain needs. 

We offer a free 15 minute consultation over the phone so you have nothing to lose by calling now.

Martin H 

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Our packages

Telephone consultation – Free

Hypnotherapy Session – £60/hour 

3 x 1 hour sessions booked in advance  – £150 

Bannish Anxiety – Online Course £150

Online webcam sessions – £50 – 40 minutes guided therapy incl pre session emails.

Team building – email for enquiries