Your Guide To Letting Go Of Stress

At Martin Hewlett Hypntherapy we offer a large selection of self help audio sessions. 

Our online podcast show has over 100,000 downloads and can be found on Spotify, iTunes and numerous android podcasting apps.  But, these all have adverts at the beginning and end which sometimes ruins the effect of going to sleep. So, we now offer our mp3 audio sessions for a small price to cover hosting fees.  

You can buy them below for only $10.00  (about £7.30 at todays exchange rate) or purchase the recent catalogue of 8 sessions for only $50.00.  Yours then to keep and play when ever you need. 

Heading up the charts !!!

Over the last month our podcasts have been downloaded over 80000 times and we have the pleasure of being in the iTunes and Spotify charts in some very far flung areas. 

From number 32 in Estonia, to 65 in South Africa!  Geography is no barrier to learning how to relax and heal your troubled soul. 

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